xtan-neex (iluvtofu) wrote in ne_teachers,

Science and Social Studies...

Hey everyone!

I am doing a bit of a report for a research paper and was wondering if any of you would be willing to answer some of the below questions?  You don't have to answer all of them, but I would appreciate a brief introduction that includes what kind of teacher you are/your grade level, what kinda school you teach at, how long (months, weeks, etc) you have been teaching, etc.  Thanks!!

-         What do you find more challenging to teach, social studies or science?  Why?

-         How important is teaching science or social studies in comparison to other school subjects such as math or literacy?

-         What do you/have you taught this year in science and/or social studies?

-         Do you find it hard to meet the curriculum outcomes your school has set for science/social studies?

-         What do you like teaching more, science or social studies?  Why?

-         How much time do you devote a week to teaching science or social studies?
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