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Second interview!?

So, I'm trying to get a Special Education teaching position for September. I am at a MAJOR disadvantage because I'm currently not licensed, but by September I will be done with all of my course requirements minus my student teaching. (Side note: I'm a Master's student in Massachusetts. I have my Bachelor's, but I am currently getting my Master's in Moderate Disabilities and my Initial Licensure at the same time. I've passed all 3 of my MTELs too.)

I had this interview last week for an Adaptive Learning program (basically emotional kids - 7th and 8th grade). They are trying to revamp the program and develop it into something new. This is hugely beneficial to someone like me coming in, who doesn't have much experience minus subbing, so I don't have someone's shoes to fill.

So I had the interview and it was good. I met with the principal, assistant principal, and special ed director of the school. Somehow I felt like I was talking out my butt the whole time because I was SO nervous. So the interview lasted about an hour (much longer than most of the interviews I've been going on), and I felt pretty good about it. They kept telling me really in-depth stuff about what I'd be doing if I were to be hired (details that were beyond what I needed to know in the interview, so I was pretty confident leaving there.)

I sent a thank you note via e-mail to the director immediately after the interview (since we had been corresponding via e-mail to begin with, and I wanted her to receive it asap). I told her that I really appreciated her meeting with me and that I apologize for being so nervous. She wrote back and told me they really liked my energy and enthusiasm and I'd know next week if I had an interview. She also told me in the interview that my recommendation letters sealed the deal for me... I have great grades, but a pretty weak resume, but great recommendation letters from parents of special needs kids I've worked with.

Anyway... I'm rambling.

So today I got the callback. I'm meeting in the administration building this time around, with two new people.

I need to nail this interview. What do I do? What follow-up questions should I be prepared for beyond what I was already asked? (Questions like, how do you deal with difficult parents? how would you differentiate instruction between the 7th and 8th graders? etc.)

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